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I am an independent fine arts professional (engaged in experimental and public art). Most of my work consists of paint on paper. It's aimed at exploring the statements of art, in form, symbolism, and semiology. I also worked professionally as a business or technical writer/editor for the management headquarters of a major U.S. corporation until 2001.

Return to Stadelheim (Draft)

[This memoir is being composed in bits and pieces as my research becomes more explicit and focused. I am also prepared to discuss events that were occurring concurrently to the personal events described. The death of the villains (the Nazis) … Continue reading

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Le silence des anges

L’adolescente avançait à la vitesse d’un escargot sur l’avenue perpendiculaire à la gare Saint Charles. Elle portait un gros manteau, un chandail blanc à grosses poches, et un foulard rouge. Tout cela, en fin d’avril à Marseille. Elle posait consciencieusement … Continue reading

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Introduction to Re-Painting

Why add “new” paint (start from scratch) when you can cover the old stuff? Why start from from new when you can add accretions, sediment upon sediment, layer upon layer, like Old Man Time? The principle behind re-painting is to discover the individuality … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my site. This is a publish-and-discuss spot for those who see the world with the images and words they make for themselves.

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