About Me

I am a fine arts professional  (painter) living in the south of France.  I’ve always shared two homelands, and having spent a good part of my life in the U.S., it’s time now for me to pay a little attention to France. (Does it matter where you are geographically in this big old world?)

My aim here as well as elsewhere is to develop the ideas that propel art-making or render it “original.” In this age of anything goes, originality needs a podium and an apology (defense). Doing art is not just enough, nor is advocating it. Artists must put their work where their thought-making and word-making (their mouth) is and provide uplift.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. stomperdad says:

    I have two homes too. From the US but living in Canada now. I call both places home. Great about page!

  2. oooh, provide uplift? Now, I agree with you – I believe that good art should inspire the viewer but I often don’t feel up to the challenge, and that word ‘must’ is a bit scary…?

  3. My big mouth provides a lot of hot air. I mean “uplift.”

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